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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 31 May 2021
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782218210
  • Stock: 33 in stock
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 500
  • Pages: 144
  • RRP: $38.99
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Big Stitch Quilting


A practical guide to sewing and hand quilting 20 stunning projects by Carolyn Forster

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Book Description

Create nine stunning quilts and 11 desirable gifts using contemporary big-stitch quilting.

Create nine stunning quilts and 11 desirable gifts using contemporary big-stitch quilting.

Big stitches sewn by hand lend an irresistibly tactile quality and visual style to quilts and other items, as well as being meditative and relaxing to sew. Each of the 20 stylish projects in this book is quilted using a range of big stitches, inspired by Boro, Kantha and Sashiko-style stitching.

Each project is shown step by step, with illustrations and photographs throughout to make the process simple to follow. Learn how to create nine gorgeous quilts as well as 11 gift projects, which include wrapping cloths, a Japanese knot bag, a pillow cover and coasters. 

There is a comprehensive techniques section at the start of the book that explores the kinds of materials and fabrics best suited to big stitch quilting, the stitches and methods used, and how to assemble and finish your quilts. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in this stunning form of hand quilting.

Table of Contents

Tools and materials

Cutting, Chain piecing, Basting, Quilt designs, Quilting stitches (starting and stopping, big stitch, Mennonite tacks, Methodist knots, running cross stitch), Binding

The Projects
Quilt 1: Navy Borders, Quilt 2: Octagons, Quilt 3: Swedish Bars, Quilt 4: Fabric Stack, Quilt 5: Stepping Stones, Quilt 6: Every Last Piece, Quilt 7: Scattered Flowers, Quilt 8: Quilted Vines Mini Quilt, Quilt 9: Dolly Quilt, Gift 1: Coasters, Gift 2: Furoshiki cloths, Gift 3: Kitchen table topper, Gift 4: Sewing roll, Gift 5: Tulip Pillow, Gift 6: Knot bag, Gift 7: Zokin, Gift 8: Hot Water Bottle Cover, Gift 9: Golden pincushion, Gift 10: Lavender bags, Gift 11: Table centre


About the Author

About Carolyn Forster

Carolyn Forster started making quilts when she was a teenager and went on to study Textiles at the University of Bath. Since graduating, she has taught patchwork and quilting both in the UK and the USA and has had her quilts featured in a number of books and magazines, including Fabrications, Popular Patchwork and Patchwork and Quilting. Carolyn lives in Tunbridge Wells, UK with her husband and son.

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Customer Review

Big Stitch Quilting is an informative introductory book, full of lovely examples and projects to help get you started with your own big stitch work. I'm really looking forward to trying out the various techniques on my own quilts and gifts. It's accessible to both beginner and more experienced quilters, Forster takes you through basting and binding techniques as well as the quilting itself. She also offers a brief overview of historical and cultural examples of big stitch quilting techniques from around the world, such as sashiko and Great Depression era utility quilts.. There are a range of projects, from larger quilts through to doll-size quilts, Japanese-style knot bags, coasters and sewing rolls, which I feel make it very accessible to a range of abilities and for quilters who don't have time for larger hand-quilting projects. The photography of the various projects and examples is beautiful, making for a book that's also pleasant to flick through.

Amazon Customer Review

As someone who's been quilting for 45 years, I mostly buy quilt books for ideas not techniques, so it is pretty rare that I open a book and say 'that's interesting, I didn't know how to do that!' This was one of those times. Good historical explanations of the 'big stitch' tradition (enough to silence even the fiercest of the traditional quilt police); techniques to speed up piecing, 'big' stitches that were new to me (i.e. not just running stitch), very clear explanations and good, close-up photos that really show what is being explained. An excellent book and one that is destined to be returned to time and again. But then of course it is by Carolyn Forster, I should have expected no less. I heartily recommend it.

Sew Magazine

The perfect guide for those interested in hand quilting, Big Stitch Quilting unveils 20 pretty projects - from wrapping cloths and a Japanese knot bag to a pillow cover and coasters. You can choose from a combination of quilts and gifts, inspired by Boro, Kantha and Sashiko. This title also explores the most suitable materials, fabrics and methods to use, and also guides you through the process of assembling and finishing quilts.

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