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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback includes 6 full-size gatefold tracings
  • Publication: 17 May 2018
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782215103
  • Stock: 20 in stock
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 600
  • Pages: 168
  • RRP: $36.99
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Matthew Palmer's Step-by-Step Guide to Watercolour Painting


by Matthew Palmer

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Book Description

Take a masterclass with artist Matthew Palmer in this comprehensive guide to watercolour painting.

This comprehensive step-by-step guide to producing landscapes and seascapes in watercolour is a natural progression in learning from Matthew Palmer's previous title Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner. Providing a more complete course in painting, this latest book explores in further detail the key techniques used in watercolour painting, including the application of resists; colour mixing; applying natural-looking foliage to trees and woodlands; use of dry-brush technique in depicting intricate detail, and using scratch-out techniques to add sparkle and movement to water. 

A six-step exercise helps demonstrate the stages of creating a landscape scene of snowy hills and dales including laying the initial wash, lifting out highlights on the hills, and applying shadow. The book also features five full step-by-step projects to help readers develop their watercolour painting skills, featuring a waterfall scene, a poppy field with country cottage and New York in autumn-time; each accompanied with a full-size outline.

Matthew Palmer's Step-by-Step Guide to Watercolour Painting is the perfect companion for artists who have mastered the rudiments of the medium but are keen to improve their skills, develop their own style, and progress further on their journey to painting success.

Table of Contents





Tricks and techniques

The projects:
Night-time snow scene
Autumn in the City
At the Harbour
Waterfall in Summer
Wildflower Meadow

About the Author

About Matthew Palmer

Matthew Palmer is a renowned demonstrator of watercolour painting, and his classes are particularly popular with beginners. He has been painting professionally for over 20 years and specializes in landscapes, still life and animals. He has his own studio at his home in Derbyshire, UK and teaches hundreds of people each week, as well as running watercolour workshops and holidays. He has many personal exhibitions, participates in several art shows and appears regularly on television as well as on his own internet-based art show at



In this friendly, easy-to-follow book, Matthew offers tips on where to look for inspiration and will introduce you to techniques such as layering, blending and lifting out.

You'll quickly master the basics and be ready to start on the projects that build what you've learned so far into complete paintings.

There is always room for a good solid introduction to any subject, and this is one of the best on watercolour.

Just picking it up gives an immediate and encouragingly meaty feel. Its substantial at 144 pages and, with the added outlines in the middle, really quite heavy. Physical feel, of course, means nothing if the content is lightweight and its good to know that theres plenty here to get your teeth into. We open with a good discussion of materials that will aid the tyro though the maze of whats available before moving on to a look at inspiration. This is the basic what am I going to paint and where am I going to find it, but the language used is serious and assumes that the reader is too. Its nice to see at this level and this early in the book. Again, it inspires and engenders confidence.

After a look at basic techniques and how to use colour, the first exercise appears as early as page 38. Art is a visual medium and theres nothing worse than having to wade through acres of talk before you get to work. You want to paint, you bought all those materials so come on, lets get down to it and we do. Nothing too taxing: its a very basic scene of some hills with a simple foreground and a graduated sky. Follow the six stages, each with its own series of steps and youd be hard put to it to get it wrong. Look, your first painting, on day one. Way to go!

The rest of the book introduces more subjects, techniques and complexity. Its beautifully structured, thoroughly explained and very easy to follow. And, in case you get stuck, there are the aforesaid tracings that help you get the basic sketch right. Build on solid foundations and the structure will stand.

I really dont think you could better this.

Henry Malt

Summer Issue

In this easy-to-follow new guide Matthew explains the basic techniques of watercolour in a way that cuts through much of the mystique that surrounds the medium.

He explains how to choose your materials and best decide which brushes and paper will be best for you. He then moves on to easy exercises that introduce you to simple sketching and work in pen and wash, before progressing to colours and how they work. Matthew explains the colour wheel, primaries, complementaries and mixing, in simple language and with plenty of examples. So if you struggle with colour, you might find the book worth it for this alone.

The gentle progression continues with an introduction to techniques such as blending, lifting out and the use of masking fluid. These are accompanied by simple exercises that help you develop the skills you'll need later.

The bulk of the book is devoted to demonstrations for which there are pre-printed tracings allowing you to concentrate on the business of painting, using everything you've learnt so far. Every stage is illustrated and it's like having a tutor by your side. All in all this is a well thought-out and presented guide that will help you become proficient in the wonderful medium of watercolour.

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