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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 25 August 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782214410
  • Stock: Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Size: 193x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 200
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: $34.99
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Ideas for Cardmakers


Over 50 templates and hundreds of variations by Fransie Snyman

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Book Description

A book filled with ideas for card makers of all levels, this fabulous collection of blueprints will simplify the process of creating beautiful cards.

Filled with ideas for cardmakers of all levels and especially useful when you just don’t know where to start, this fabulous collection of templates will simplify the process of creating beautiful cards. Basic information on colour, composition and balance is practically applied in easy-to-use templates that will help the reader save time and provide them with a basic design, so they can focus their creativity on selecting and combining the different elements.

Each template comes with information on the proportions, placement and sizes of the different elements, so the reader can use their existing stock of paper and embellishments to create cards that they know will be well balanced and visually pleasing. All of the templates can be flipped, inverted and rotated, and the designs include standard, square, oblong and large cards in both vertical and horizontal orientation. For each template there are several examples of cards made by different cardmakers, providing the reader with numerous ideas for their own card designs. 

This book encourages the reader to think out of the box and use embellishments and paper combinations in ways that they have never thought of before.

About the Author

About Fransie Snyman

Multi-crafter Fransie Snyman is a science teacher who escapes to her crafts whenever her busy schedule allows. Although jewellery-making is her first love, she loves paper and has always made her own greeting cards. Dabbling in many other crafts, including pewter, scrapbooking, glass painting, encaustic art and, most recently, stained glass, she belongs to several craft groups and is a popular teacher and demonstrator at expos and other events. She has written many books on various crafts, several of which have appeared in international editions. This is her second book on card making.


Julie Thomas

I have been card crafting for a year and I am constantly looking for information and inspiration to help me learn and produce more professional looking cards and paper projects.

This is an ideal book for cardmakers whether they are just setting out on their cardmaking journey like me as it starts at the beginning explaining what is needed in terms of tools and materials. Equally it is invaluable for the more experienced paper crafter as it gives straightforward details and ideas for more challenging card designs and different styles. I find something new to try every time I refer to it.

I particularly like the way the book works with different card shapes and sizes. I have often wanted to make larger cards but not been sure on how to work with so much space, the templates have introduced new ideas, materials and designs and I am delighted with the results.

I want to produce different cards every time and this book gives me the knowledge to do just that. Every card is clearly explained and illustrated in colour, layouts showing how the card is put together are given for each card and there are numerous designs so no two cards need be alike. This is quickly becoming a book I turn to when planning and assembling cards.

Holly Walker

I enjoyed this book for ideas and inspiration but thought it was slightly dated so cards weren't perhaps appropriate to give to my friends in their 30! Having said that I adapted a few and as a book for inspiration and ideas I did enjoy this boo

Lauren Darnley

I have absolutely loved every minute of owning this book. With 50 design templates which are beautifully illustrated there's something for everyone pretty much as it's very easy to adapt designs to suit your needs.
You will get a run down of supplies needed to create the cards which is super handy for a novice like myself, my children also enjoyed giving card making a go so this book is definitely child friendly.
There are different chapters for different size and shapes of card which makes it quick and simple to find what you are looking for.
Over all I enjoyed using the ideas in the book and would be happy to recommend to a friend looking to make their own cards too

Patricia Avery

I love making cards for family and friends. I find it a therapeutic and very rewarding pastime. However, I do not possess the most creative of minds and can lack inspiration at times. This is one of the best books on cardmaking I have seen. The 50 templates with beautifully illustrated examples are sure to stimulate and motivate anybody whatever their ability. A wide spectrum of skill levels is catered for. As the festive season approaches I can thoroughly recommend this quality book as a present for your crafting friends

Laura Harrison

Such a lovely book for people who enjoy making cards. Easy to follow instructions on how to make the cards and lovely photos / illustrations as well. I would definitely recommend this book for people who enjoy making cards.

If you want to give somebody a greetings card then making one yourself is so much more personal than buying one in a store.  There are a vast amount of different ways of doing this and many tools and materials, but it all boils down to layout and design.  This is where this book, originally published in South Africa, is a useful addition to any card makers stash.

There are many ways of learning how to use the various machines and materials from books to store demos; this is not that type of book.  Instead it is a book of ideas and templates for the layout of cards so you can see what goes where, see why it looks good and concentrate on the actual making part. There is a brief introduction showcasing some materials and mentioning a few methods, plus a helpful chapter showing how to do the basics such as scoring card, matting, attaching various items and good design principles.  The rest of the book is divided into templates for four card shapes and types: square, oblong, standard and large.  Each template has a number and a double page spread showing four examples.  The template is not the type to scan and print so much as a guideline diagram, and each card has a skill rating from 1 to 4 plus a brief description.  Techniques shown include teabag folding, iris folding, quilling, embossing, rubber stamping and many more.  Instructions are not given making this not a book for the beginner but for anybody with a few card making methods under their belt that is looking for layout ideas.  I have not seen anything like this before and find it most useful, as will anybody who has ever sat with a blank card and lots of materials wondering how best to display it all. 

Cheryl Thomas

This is a fabulous book, particularly for the beginner cardmaker. It has clear, concise and easy to follow templates and instructions for over 200 designs and is catagorised into shapes of cards which makes it quick and easy to use. With lots of information on essential tools, supplies, terms and techniques, and a truly inspirational range of achievable, beautiful cards without the need for lots of kit, this is a great book. Be aware however, that Iris Folding and Teabag Folding are not explained or shown how to do (instead being referred to the author's first book) although they are featured in a couple of the designs.

Chris Constable

I loved this book from the moment I received it. I'm at the start of my card making journey and find that I'm often at a loss for inspiration to make a card that's just right for someone. This book gives lots of ideas, with 4 suggestions for each layout. There's also a helpful initial section suggesting the items that you need to get started and information for beginners. Already I'm thinking about how I could customise some of the ideas for friends' birthday cards.

Hazel Rea

This is an excellent book which would make a great Christmas present for anyone interested in making cards. I love that there are four variations for each of the templates showing just how different each template can be made to look. It is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration. The instructions and diagrams are easy to follow.

Helen Lyn

This is a lovely book and would be useful for both beginners and experienced card makers.

The book mainly consists of templates but there are also sections on 'supplies' and 'terms and techniques' which are especially useful for a beginner. The templates are easy to follow and can used as they are or can be easily altered to use with existing supplies. The template designs inspire many ideas and the example cards are beautifully photographed. This is a useful book to have when thinking about creating your next card.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in card making.

Julie Banks

A wonderful book for any level of card maker, full of great ideas all from simple templates. It has really given me some new ideas, the pictures and instructions are clear and simple to follow, and it"s a book I know I will be using again and again.

Laura Jeffs

This is a fabulous book, particularly for the beginner cardmaker. It has clear, concise and easy to follow templates and instructions for over 200 designs and is catagorised into shapes of cards which makes it quick and easy to use. With lots of information on essential tools, supplies, terms and techniques, and a truly inspirational range of achievable, beautiful cards without the need for lots of kit, this is a great book.

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