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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 10 August 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782213208
  • Stock: 1 in stock
  • Size: 190x235 mm
  • Illustrations: 190
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: $36.99
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Pretty Knitted Hands


Mittens and wrist warmers for all seasons by Kamilla Svanlund & Clara Falk

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Book Description

27 beautifully made, stylish and modern mitten patterns for all seasons of the year.

This stylish and beautifully photographed book contains 27 knitted mitten patterns for women and men. The book is split into seasons, with eight pairs for spring and summer, seven pairs for autumn and twelve pairs of mittens for winter.

Using lots of different styles, stitches, patterns and colours, there are lacy, fingerless types for spring, summer and autumn and thicker, enclosed mittens for the winter patterns. From the warmest wool to the sheerest silk, a wide range of yarns are used and there are mittens suitable for occasions as diverse as a summer party, a wedding, everyday country walks and the coldest of winter days.

Some of the mittens, such as Sigrid and Elisabet, are delicate and lacy, others such as Elsa and Helga are worked in single colours; while others, such as Doris, Astrid and Ivar are beautifully patterned, and some are worked in stunning cable designs, such as Stina, Rune and Rolf.

The variety of mittens in this book is simply superb and the patterns are suitable for both competent beginners and more advanced knitters.

Table of Contents

  1. Hetty
  2. Sigrid
  3. Barbara
  4. Olga
  5. Elsa
  6. Elisabeth
  7. Lottie
  8. Rita
  9. Stella
  10. Rachel
  11. Ivy
  12. Beau
  13. Hilda
  14. Lily
  15. Kerstin
  16. Astrid
  17. Vicky
  18. Martha
  19. Doris
  20. Bethan
  21. Esther
  22. Sacha
  23. Sian
  24. Sam
  25. Francis
  26. Otto
  27. Talula
About the Author

About Kamilla Svanlund

Kamilla Svanlund learned to knit as a child, but it was when she was a teenager that knitting really became a big part of her life. She started knitting mittens for her friends in upper secondary school, and it was fun to be able to give them something unique. That was how she started designing mittens she could knit them quickly and there was room for lots of motifs on them, so she was able to give her creativity free rein.



About Clara Falk

Clara Falk has knitted every day since she was about 14. At that time it was about having something unique, something that few other people had. Since then, knitting has developed into something that she needs to do to feel happy knitting is calming and provides an outlet for her creativity, as well as time to reflect. In 2007 she started a blog, as she did not know many people who knitted at that time. The blog became a forum where people responded to what she was doing, and at the same time she got to know other people who knitted and could discuss things with them and be inspired.



Library Journal USA

Swedish knitters Falk and Svanlund present a selection of seasonally inspired mittens and wrist warmers, ranging from lightweight pieces suitable for a cool morning to cozy mittens ideal for the chilliest winter day. The Spring/Summer section features a variety of light- to medium-weight wrist warmers embellished with cables or lace, while the Fall section includes heavier-weight wrist warmers with cables and colorwork in an autumnal palette. The Winter section focuses on mittens, featuring stranded knitting with traditional Scandinavian motifs and embellishments, such as Latvian braid and colorful embroidery. The majority of the patterns include clear, easy-to-follow charts, and the designs are appealing. VERDICT Knitters looking for attractive and sophisticated accessories will appreciate this collectionespecially if they enjoy colorwork.

Lisa Parker

A lovely book with gorgeous images. The charts are easy to follow and as a novice knitter even I managed to follow them. I loved all of the patterns and I would love to make them as presents as they are so beautiful. I would most definitely recommend this book.


Mittens and wrist warmers are popular items to knit, and these 27 patterns cover a range of styles. Many are designed with warmth in mind, but none are without a fashionable sensibility. The patterns are divided by season (spring and summer are combined into one category), with 7 to 12 offered for each time of year, and range from traditional colorwork to lace openwork to cables. As both authors live in Sweden, the influence of traditional Scandinavian stranded colorwork is strong, and more than half of the patterns feature this type of design. Many require the knitter to work in the round using two colors simultaneously.
A brief introduction features details on choosing to use double-pointed needles or the magic-loop method as well as basic skills, including casting on and casting off. All but a few of the patterns use 2.5 mm (U.S. size 2) knitting needles and lace or fingering weight yarn, and all are charted with accompanying short written directions. The charts are produced in color and are large enough that following them is easy on the eyes.

Crochet Addict UK

After many years of knowing each other online Clara & Kamilla finally got to meet and it set off this book in motion. They decided on mittens as they are so versatile and you can make them for all seasons. The word pretty aptly describes the beautiful designs in this book. They use different yarns, colours and techniques to create the most amazing array of gloves for you to make. The book is broken down into seasons so you know you can find something to make for each time of the year. You can make designs using colour charts or using cables or lace designs. The patterns are in chart format so you will need to know how to use a knitting chart. Most of the designs are for ladies but there are some that are unisex. The designs are such good fun and are so
different from each other. You will be making mittens for years to come, whether for yourself or as gifts. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this book!

Knit mittens and wrist warmers in many styles and different yarns. Twenty seven patterns are included, suitable for all knitters from beginners to advanced. You'll see all the designs at a glance at the front of the book. All designs use the double-pointed needle or magic loop technique, clear instructions are given. The designs are split into seasons. Each design is shown in a full-size image with materials, tension, finished size and instructions. Most have charts to follow but these are a good size and easy to read. The designs are contemporary featuring cables, lace and most of the winter designs are Scandinavian style. Two of my favourites are shown on the left hand side of the front cover.

The Knitter

Issue 103

This attractive collection of 27 mittens and wristwarmers has a distinctly Scandinavian feel, with many of the projects having been photographed in a snowy Sweden. A wide range of techniques appears in the book, including stranded colourwork using traditional Nordic motifs, Latvian braids, classic cables and Bavarian twisted stitches. The projects are divided by season, and range from lacy wristwarmers for spring and summer to cosy mittens for winter. Our favourite designs include embroidered mitts; a pair of wristwarmers called Elsa with leaf motifs; delicate silk fingerless gloves knitted in pure silk that would be perfect for a spring wedding; and Kerstin,
1970s-inspired colourwork mitts. We particularly love Sacha, a classic pair of festive Fair Isle mittens, ideal for the coming season. Each pattern fits an average wrist size of 20cm. Pattern instructions and charts are clear
and easy to follow, and theres a handy how-to section detailing special techniques such as Latvian braids.

Christine Blanchflower

An absolutely fabulous book, I love all of the patterns. I was a bit apprehensive about knitting using a chart, but wow it was so easy, even surprised myself. I know what my friends are getting for Christmas

Clare Bradshaw

This book offers a beautiful selection of patterns to make 17 very different mittens and wrist warmers.The patterns are clearly written and easy to follow. The photographs of the finished items are stunning and have inspired me to have a go. These will be perfect for gifts for my friends.

Leanne Mccane

This is a really lovely book with a diverse range of patterns to suit different seasons. There are some really wonderful patterns encompassing a number of techniques from lace work to colour work to cables, and I'm really enjoying my first foray into cables via the 'Stella' pattern!

Liga Celmina

Very good book.Patterns are easy to ready.Bright and colourful patterns. And lots of helpful hint and tips. Now just to decide which one to do.

Linda Guest

I  love to knit but I have never had the confidence to try to make some gloves as I thought they would be very difficult to do, however this great pattern book has changed my point of view. In the introduction it clearly explains how to use five needles or use the magic loop form of knitting, after watching a youtube video I can see that magic loop is easy once you get the hang of it. I liked the introductions as the writer clearly shows different forms of casting on techniques as well as talking about circular knitting techniques and abbreviations are explained. It appears Im not the only person who thought gloves would be too difficult to attempt! The patterns that make up the main part of the book have clear colour photos of the finished products and easy to use instructions. I liked the text box on the side that tells you exactly what materials you need to begin, the expected finished dimensions and also what tension you should be working in order to get the correct finished results. The mittens and gloves that use more than one colour also have a very easy to follow stitch colour chart. I liked the wrist warmers as they are a relatively simple shape and are very fashionable and the stitch patterns in this book are unusual and look lovely. All in all this is a well laid out and easy to follow guide to knitting pretty and unusual mittens and wrist warmers, I cant wait to get started on my first project now.

Lorna Lajili

A truly beautiful book with some really inspiring makes. Despite not being so interested in the wrist warmers (although some of the patterns are lovely) the mittens are absolutely stunning! Having only previously made very plain mittens, I instantly fell in love with all of the mitten patterns. The charts are also really easy to follow. I particularly love the newlywed mittens - just need someone to get married now!

Yvonne Palmer

Book has lots of patterns in for all seasons .easy to follow instrutions and charts and at beginning of book tells you all techniques you will need and how to do it in detail and pictures. A really good book

A Kingfisher Morning

From autumn to spring I always have a pair of fingerless mitts close at hand for chilly days, walking the dogs but mainly because I like them.  I tend to wear mainly black and grey so they are a great way to introduce a bit of colour. If Im experimenting with a new pattern or yarn, Ill often knit up a pair.  I would rarely splurge on something like cashmere for a garment but when it comes to mitts..

Well this year Im not going to have any problem finding patterns my worry is whther I have enough scrumptious yarn because of a great new book that arrived in the post called Pretty Knitted Hands by Clara Falk and Kamilla Svanlund.

The 27 patterns have been broken down into seasons and although some of the designs are definitely not my taste, there is enough variety for everyone. The techniques such as Latvian braid are explained clearly, and there is a nice mix of cables, lace and colour work, wrist warmers and full mittens.

To my mind this is a book to buy now for all that christmas gift knitting Im sure you have already started planning.

Full review and images:

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