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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 15 April 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782211556
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 204x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 700
  • Pages: 144
  • RRP: $36.99
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Decorated Lettering


by Jan Pickett

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Book Description

A treasure for anyone who loves writing, this book contains a world of calligraphic instruction and ideas for decorating your lettering. Whether you want to learn about formal calligraphy, or simply find inspiration for a special gift, master calligrapher Jan Pickett shows you what you need to know in this inspiring and exciting book.

The act of writing can be creative, meditative and very enjoyable. Whether you want to personalise your wedding stationary, create unique greetings cards, or add a special touch to display your poetry, decorated lettering transforms even the mundane into something personal and beautiful.

A comprehensive course in all aspects of decorated lettering; this book is suitable for beginners, experienced calligraphers and all those interested in the magical world of lettering. In fact, it is for everyone who loves letters.

  • Expert advice from Jan Pickett, Honoured Fellow of the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society (CLAS) and a Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI)
  • An exciting take on lettering that combines traditional calligraphy with innovative and modern ideas
  • Hand-drawn lettering instructions allows non-calligraphers to produce amazing papercraft results

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Materials 8
The art of lettering 12
Preparation 14

Calligraphic lettering 16
Hand-drawn lettering 42

Decorating your letters 58
Wet and dry colour blending 64
Further into the world of watercolour 74
Shadows and the third dimension 82
Embossing extravaganza 90
Going dotty 98
Playing with pastels 104
Masking fluid and wet colour 112
Colour, pattern and gold 120
Stamping 128

Templates and embellishments 136
Glossary 143
Index 144


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Continuing with the multitude of lettering books that are being published at the moment, this book by Jan Pickett is included because it extends the discipline of calligraphy and brings it right into the present with a combination of traditional and modern approaches.

In many books on calligraphy, much time is spent on the different fonts. Here, this is done with eight examples but the information is restricted to a double page spread for each. Enough information is given to enable you to practice them but the body of the book is given over to how to decorate and embellish the basic lettering and give them colour, verve and excitement. Jan Pickett is one of the countrys top calligraphers and the work included here is simply wonderful.

There are 13 chapters which include using colour (watercolour, gouache and pastel), masking fluid, wet and dry techniques and embossing. This fascinating book is full of colour, materials, ideas and processes and it makes the whole subject look great fun. Coupled with the illustrations, this is a perfect starting point for sketchbooks. The step by step instructions show you how to layer masked washes, make borders, use pointillism, work on shadows and use paper masks, and all these would make great creative ice-breakers for sketchbook work. This
is a perfect book for those that love lettering and colour

Ellie Spider

This is a beautifully illustrated and informative book on creating beautiful imagery with letters.

The books introduces the reader to different means of creating decorated letters from the well known calligraphy to freestyle hand drawn and coloured.

Each section shows you how to create the letters, gives information on technique such as spacing, barrel size and the right tools to use.

It also includes templates and craft ideas so you can use the book as a starting point and then let your imagination run wild with crafting possibilities.

A perfect book for anyone who enjoys craft activities, makes their own cards or wants to make their own wedding stationery.

I found the instructions in the book relatively easy to follow and was able to produce some lovely gift labels for a birthday present using the techniques - it took around 45-60 minutes to create the first and then as I was more confident around 30 mins for the consecutive ones.

Leanne Perrett

i really love this book my daughter and i are always looking for great ways to decorate items we upcycle and this book is so nicely laid out its given us so many ideas the only issue we have is which ones to use

Karen Bibby

A really good and inspiring book for all levels - it starts with a very clear introduction to basic equipment and technique suitable for a beginner before outlining how to write 8 useful abd varied alphabets. The rest of the book is where it gets really interesting - a whole bunch of ways to make your lettering eye-catching and beautiful. Pencil crayons, watercolour, embossing, printing gilding and more - all covered in enough detail to help you make a start and the photos inspire you to want to try. Fascinating for beginners and more experienced calligraphers. However, readers should be aware that this is a "learn how" book not a "copy a project from start to finish"book - and all the better for that.

Love to Make

June 2016

If you've got the taste for calligraphy, then this is a great bok to take you forward to the next stage of your lettering journey. A real treasurefor anyone who loves writing, this book contains a woprld of inspiring calligraphic instructions, and ideas for decorating lettering to make them visually exciting, interesting and appropriate to the subject matter. So whether you want to personalise your wedding stationary, or create unique greetings cards, decorated letterinh can transform even the mundane into something personal and beautiful.

Pitched rather nicely between craft and calligraphy, this is a project book for those who aspire to what we might call fancy pen-work.

It starts with some useful guides to techniques and letterforms before moving on to more freestyle work. This then develops into a look at ways of decorating letters that could be described as informal illumination. This is a book for those who want to have some fun rather than make a serious study, and its none the worse for that. Further ideas, under headings such as going dotty and fun with pastels, follow and there are hints, tips and demonstrations where and when theyre required.

The whole is relaxed and colourful while also being informative and inspiring and its an easy book to like.

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