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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 25 November 2015
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782210771
  • Stock: 24 in stock
  • Size: 204x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 176
  • RRP: $39.99
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Metal Clay Animal Jewellery


20 striking projects in silver, copper and bronze by Natalia Colman

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Book Description

Written by jewellery designer and author Natalia Colman, this gorgeous guide shows you how to create 20 animal-themed pieces of jewellery from silver, copper and bronze clays, covering every technique required in detail. It features rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets and is divided into five animal-themed chapters.

This gorgeous guide to metal clay jewellery, written by designer and author Natalia Colman, shows you how to create 20 beautiful pieces of jewellery from silver, copper and bronze clays. It features rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets and is divided into five animal-themed chapters. The designs include household favourites such as cats and dogs, as well as fashion-forward pieces such as a swallow ring, bull pendant and swan brooch.

The book starts with a thorough ‘basic techniques’ section, while the more advanced and inventive techniques are slotted within each relevant chapter. The book also contains a comprehensive reference section at the back with firing guides for a large range of gemstones. This thorough book will lead a beginner through the process from start to finish, and is innovative enough to inspire experienced jewellery-makers. It will appeal to fans of Natalia's other books, animal-lovers, and anyone keen to create personal finishing-touches.

20 stunning projects made from silver, copper and bronze clays, including rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets

Thorough enough to lead a beginner through the process from start to finish; innovative enough to inspire even experienced jewellery-makers

Features inventive techniques such as setting stones in crystal clay, colouring using pencils and UV gel, and making silver beads

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Clays 8
Basic equipment 12
Turning your clay into jewellery 18
Techniques 20
Perfect Pets
Cat pendant 42
Rolling a rope of clay 42
Sausage dog pendant 46
Mouse charms 50
Scotty dog ring 56
Rabbit pendant 60
In the Jungle
Snake pendant 68
Snake ring 72
Elephant pendant 74
Creating a bezel before firing 78
Inserting a small stone before firing 78
Alternative metal-mixing examples 82
Lion bracelet 84
Alternative stone-setting techniques 90
Feathered Friends
Swallow ring 94
Ring-making using a ring core 94
Using live of sulphur 100
Swan brooch 102
Adding gold leaf 106
Tropical bird earrings 110
Using coloured pencils and UV gel 113
Other colour techniques 116
Beneath the Ocean waves
Octopus pendant 120
Fish earrings 124
Using crystal clay 127
Starfish ring 130
Ring-making the traditional way 130
Making moulds 132
Other Beautiful Creatures
Butterfly brooch 140
Snail bracelet 146
Making silver beads 149
Unicorn pendant 154
Dragon pendant 160
Bull pendant 164
Firing times 168
Templates 174
Glossary 175
Index 176

About the Author

About Natalia Colman

Natalia Colman is an author, teacher and jewellery designer who has had a passion for jewellery all her life and uses it extensively in her fashion styling work. Natalia has produced a range of jewellery making books including Silver Clay with Style and best selling DVDs Silver Clay Made Simple and Further Adventures in Silver Clay. Natalia lives in West Yorkshire with her daughter Estella who is following in her footsteps as an avid jewellery maker.


Bead Society of Great Britain

Journal 122

Natalia Coileman is an author, teacher and jewellery designer and you can see this throughout the book. She starts with an introduction to all the types of clay and how they can be used, fired to the egal requirements for hall marking. Natalia also states what brand of copper clay she uses for her pieces in the book which is important, as there are a few brands and you must read the manufacturers recommeded firing instructions as they all vary.

Natalia gives a informative list of basic equipment, jewellery making tools and firing tools which is ideal for the beginner or anyone who is interested in giving clay a go. I also like the fact she advises you use a modelling clay before you start using metal clay, as I also recommend people do the same as you practise and gain confidence especially if you are a beginner or you just want practice.

The technique section of the book gives you clear instructions how to get started, drying your pieces and firing and also stone setting. I like the fact that a drying programme is provided, giving you an idea on how long your pieces need to dry using different techniques as it is so important your metal clay is completely dry before firing.

The firing section of the book covers all aspects of firing from safety to what you can and cannot fire with a torch, gas stove and kiln. Natalia also provides basic jewellery techniques for beginners and for you to use with the projects in the book. All the projects in the book are lovely and very well thought out providing you with a list of materials and equipment you would need and stating the amount of clay you would need which is really helpful if you are on a budget. I also like the fact that there are top tips and suggestions with the projects to help you. Natalia provides a fully comprehensice firing time guide for all projects, also information about firing natural gemstones and cubic zircona. 
I think the book is very informative and a good book for beginners and those with more advanced skills looking for some fun and different projects.

Library Journal USA

Metal clay combines the beauty of precious metals such as silver, copper, and bronze with the ease of working with clay. Metal clays are shapeable in a similar manner as polymer clay, allowing crafters to make beautiful jewelry without investing in metalworking tools. In this guide, Colman (Metal Clay Jewellery) introduces methods for working with metal clay via a series of animal-themed projects. A thorough overview of metal clay properties, tools, and techniques, including guides to firing silver, copper, and bronze clays, starts things out, followed by the projects, which range from simple rolled or sculpted pendants to more involved pieces incorporating a variety of embellishments. Each project includes detailed instructions with numerous photographs. When presenting a new technique, Colman includes a separate tutorial, or key technique, which can be referred to outside of the context of the original project. The designs range from simple cats and dogs to fanciful toucans, a copper octopus embellished with silver suckers, and an ornate butterfly. VERDICT Jewelrymakers dont need to be interested in animal-themed pieces to learn from Colmans well-designed, in-depth guide. Theres enough information to give beginners a solid foundation, and crafters with metal clay experience will appreciate the tutorials on embellishment techniques.

If youre a sculptor, you may have heard of metal clay, but Ill admit its a new one on me. It sounds pretty amazing, though particles of metal in suspension in water and a binding agent that can be moulded like mineral clay.

The results here are amazing, too, and look convincingly cast rather than moulded (as they are). Although this is a project-based book, the technical introduction is thorough but straightforward and discusses materials, firing techniques (you can even use a portable gas stove) and some basic jewellery techniques such as stringing and looping. This is easy to understand and I get a strong sense at the end that this is something I could do.

The projects are basically technical exercises broken down into step-by-step demonstrations which you can either follow or use as inspiration for your own creations. I would have thought that youd be branching out pretty quickly and that your confidence with the medium would develop pretty quickly.

All round, nicely done and producing attractive results.

The Beading Library

The book is divided into five chapters, including 'In the Jungle', 'Feathered Friends' and 'Beneath the Ocean Waves'. We particularly love the 'Perfect Pets' section with tutorials to make a Scottie Dog ring or Sausage Dog pendant (for the dog lovers) or a sleek, stylised cat necklace (for the fans of felines) amongst others. The cute little mouse charms are a particularly good beginner project as they don't use a lot of clay (depending on how many you make!) and the silver version can be fired on the hob or using a torch.

The book includes a comprehensive 'basic techniques' section which would act as a great refresher to those already familiar with metal clay jewellery (perhaps from Natalia's previous book!). However, the projects incorporate several more advanced techniques, which, whilst accurately and clearly described, may be a little daunting to beginners. It should also be noted that many of the projects will require access to a kiln for firing, particularly those using copper and bronze clay. We certainly think that those new to this medium, would be advised to read Natalia's Metal Clay Jewellery Book before embarking on the projects in this one, particularly as some require quite large amounts of metal clay to complete.

Overall this is a fantastic book for those who already have some experience with Metal Clay and who are looking to learn new techniques to complement this exciting medium. Additional skills you will learn in the projects include making clay rope, stone setting, mixing metals, adding colour and mould making.

Full review and images:

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